Film: (Partial List)
Walk Tall, Co-Star, 20th Century Fox
Zebra in the Kitchen, Co-Star, Ivan Tors, Dir.
The Girl Down Lovers Lane, Co-Star, 20th Century Fox
Brain From Planet Arous, Co-Star, Nathan Hertz,Dir.
Christine Jorgenson Story, Co-Star, United Artists
Murder of Innocence, Supporting: MOW, Tom McLoughlin, Dir.
Something To Live For, Supporting: MOW, Tom McLoughlin,Dir.
True Identify, Supporting, Charles Lane, Dir.
The Sitter, Supporting: MOW, Rick Berger, Dir.
Bad Influence, Supporting, Curtis Hanson, Dir.
A Different Life, Supporting, All Time Productions

Television: (Partial List)
Days of Our Lives, Recurring, Richard J. Allen; Susan Orllibkoff
Santa Barbara, Recurring, Peter Brinckerhoff,MichaelGilona
Dream On, Also Starring John Landis/HBO
The Punky Brewster Show, Guest Star, Guy Menteer,Dir.
General Hospital, Guest Star, Columbia
Lois&Clark, Co-Star, Michael Watkins/ABC
Rescue 911, Co-Star, Ron Brody, Dir.
Unsolved Mysteries, Co-Star, Joe Ravetz, Dir.
The F.B.I. Untold Stories, Co-Star, Paul Krazny, Dir.
Young and Restless, Supporting, Frank Pacelli
Golden Palace, Supporting, Lex Passaris, Dir.
Rodney Dangerfield Show, Supporting, Debbie Palacio, Dir.
LA Law, Supporting, Elodie Keene,Dir.

Theatre: (Partial List)
I Stand Before You Naked, Wealthy Lady, West Coast Ensemble, -by Joyce Carol Oates
The Glass Menagerie, Amanda, UCLA Shakespeare Perf.Grp.
A Scenario for the Oresteia, Clytemestra, West Coast Ensemble
Eddie Quinn, Barbara, World Premier-W.C.E.
Moliere’s”Learned Ladies”, Philamente, West Coast Ensemble
Joint Return, Ann, (One Act Festival)-W.C.E.
Full Moon & High Tide, Sybil, Company of Angels
The Subject Was Roses, Nettie, Fig Tree Theat.,Geo Hardy,Dir
Dusk Before Fireworks, (Dorothy Parker works), Company of Angels
Romeo & Juliet, Lady Capulet, CBS Television Studios
Threads, Jessie, Company of Angels
Tumbleweed Junction, Lil (orig. meladrama), Meridian Theater

Notes for a Novel: Shakespeare’s Sonnets In Performanace (2 person original show)
The Winters Tale, Paulina, The Shakespeare Circle
Merry Wives of Windsor, Mistress Page, The Shakespeare Circle
Hamlet, Gertrude, West Coast Ensemble
Her Infinite Variety-A Celebration of Shakespeare’s Women
Mistress Paige/Cleopatra, West Coast Ensemble

Mira Rostova (NY), Jeff Corey, Neil Vipond (A Noise Within Conservatory), Carol Ries,
Stella Adler

Special Skills:
Sing, Play Guitar, Modern & Social Dancing, Swimming, Drama Workshops

Southern, British, Russian, German, Cockney, Irish

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